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I came to today's Quantum Collapse Process 'QCP' Personal Transformation Program with many unanswered questions and feelings of uncertainty however Michelle guided me by taking me through a number of stages and levels asking me questions whereby I was able to see and know with absolute clarity, the answers to my questions and I have more clarity with what I would love in my life. These are some aspects I have noticed in my life since commencing with this work...more knowing, gets me back on track, making decisions with clarity, lighter, more energy, move forward with life, more open, humility, focus, on purpose, more loving to self and others, seeing the bigger picture, feeling more worthy, reminds me of the importance of 'investing in self', more trusting in God...Thank you Michelle

This program/experience is worth $10million

To describe in one or two words: Astonishing

HR, Qld Aust


My experience in one or two words: Self awareness, Appreciation, Listening to and understanding my body and mind. Calming, Balancing

Describe your experience in one or two words: Life changing

LB, Human Resource Recruitment, BHP, WA, Aust


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Absolutely mind expanding! Being a therapist and having in the past tried many therapies, looking for solutions - this process/method is the first that I have found to open me up to see everything around me as the picture of me. My thoughts of Michelle are that she is good at what she does and has shown me that the mind is a very powerful tool & it is learning how to breakthrough the layers that we think are our protection. I would definitely like to learn more to help myself and in turn help others. Thank You

Describe your experience in one or two words: Priceless. Mind Expanding, Life Altering

KH, Qld, Aust


My many experiences with Michelle are truly sensational. Not only has she helped me to step out and achieve many of my dreams I feel with Michelle’s assistance has helped to me to heal my body, mind and soul. Her services are extremely worthwhile and will make you feel 100% better about yourself. Michelle has touched many people's lives including mine - she is an inspiration to all.

Describe your experience in one or two words: Everything I possess. Amazing work!

RL, Student, Qld, Aust


When I left my consultation with Michelle I felt 100kg lighter. Having had this particular problem for more than 12-18 months I thought I had it with me for life - working with Michelle for 1 hour I was able to dissolve this issue. I have learnt to open my heart more, I feel very clear and focused on where I am heading, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. I would love for every year 12 person finishing school to do the Breakthrough Experience.

Describe your experience in one or two words: $1million dollars, Unbelievable

RG, Business Proprietor, Sunshine Coast, Qld, Aust


Michelle & I sat and spoke for a short time about The Breakthrough Experience, she spoke about the experience and what she has gained from participating in the Breakthrough Experience and I spoke about what I desired to achieve in my life and where I wish to head. Her words captured my heart and soul and I began to feel emotions that were deep inside me, emotions I hadn't let out. Michelle asked me quality questions…questions about my mother - I cried, I hadn't cried for a long time. Michelle kept asking me questions, I answered them from a place of consciousness, a place in my heart. I know this because the answers were just there…present for me. From a short conversation, I now know participating in my first Breakthrough Experience will open up an entire new world for me.

What price would you put on your experience with Michelle: There are no words or money that can sum up this experience today.

Describe your experience in one or two words: Open heart

SP, Brisbane, Qld, Aust


I have been doing consultations with Michelle for the last several months. In this time she has been able to help me to see life so differently. I have done a huge amount of personal development work over the last 15 years or so but none compares with what I have been able to learn with this type of work Michelle does. The love and inspiration Michelle puts into her work shows that she is totally committed to helping us grow and learn and I have absolute love and gratitude for her work. I have grown mentally, physically, spiritually, financially because of this wonderful experience.

Describe your experience in one or two words: What price do we put on our own life - Life changing

BI, Business Owner, Qld, Aust


Thank you for the experience of the quantum collapse process. Today I sat outside in the sun and closed my eyes. I asked myself, 'Where do I see Mum?' I began to see her in heaps of places, and then began to see her everywhere. Most of all, I saw and felt her in my heart. And then I cried, I cried some more and then cried some more. And then I began to feel grateful. I thanked the universe and Mum for so many things that they have bought into my life and for letting me choose her to be my Mother. I lost count of how many things I am thankful for. And although I cried, and still do as I write this, I feel gratitude deep within me, a feeling I have not experienced to such depths ever before. I have only just begun this journey and have so much more to learn about myself/my spirit, and I look forward to seeing you and taking part in The Breakthrough Experience in a couple of weeks.

SM, Defence Force, Aust


This experience has bought me so much closer to loving my father. Loving him for all of his traits. In loving my father unconditionally, I also feel a stronger sense of love for myself I am grateful for Dad entering my life and all the lessons we've learnt together. During the experience I was able to see him in other forms, knowing he is always with me and a part of my whole life. I had numerous physical complaints prior to doing Quantum Collapse Process with Michelle. Physically, I am now less restricted and the uncomfortable feelings in my stomach, back, neck, shoulders and my aching head have been released. I am grateful to Michelle for this experience and for taking the time to help me shift perceptions, so that I can be a more loving person.

What price would you put on your experience with Michelle: $1billion dollars

Describe your experience in one or two words: Clearer, Thankful

CS, Bris, Qld, Aust


The experience has been one of shifting of thoughts, discovering depths in ones feelings and attitudes and slowly finding the way towards understanding of truths through Michelle’s sensitive, firm and understanding leadership. For me personally, to know that my beloved partner is simply in another dimension and still very much with me, has lightened my being and lifted a burden from my heart. Thank you Michelle.

What price would you put on your QCP experience with Michelle? Priceless

Describe your experience in one or two words: Transformational, Illuminating

PM, Retired Teacher, Tewantin, Qld, Aust


Uplifting, Enlightening, Necessary – these are the words I use to describe the day. They lead me into the light which is a necessity, after not displaying enough self worth. Relying on others has not allowed me to grow into the real me. Observing our molecular selves takes us into the entire universe and we realize there is a Grand Design/Order otherwise known as the higher being or GOD.

What price would you put on your QCP experience with Michelle? Priceless

Describe your experience in one or two words: Uplifting, Enlightening, Necessary

GD, Music & Programme Director, Qld, Aust


This experience is priceless, it has helped me transform things in my life. Describe your experience in one or two words: Calming, Refreshed

LH, Business Owner, Qld, Aust


How would you best describe your experience with Michelle: My experience with Michelle is the most worthwhile experience I have ever had. I have previously been feeling ordinary and down on my self and my father. After my consultation I now feel alive, re-energised and ready to take on the world and start my new life. Now that I can look at the balance of everything I am clearer with my new decision-making and what I want to achieve in life.

What price would you put on your experience with Michelle: Priceless

Describe your experience in one or two words: Uplifting

SD, Landscaper, Golden Beach, Qld, Aust


My experience with Michelle will last with me forever. At first I thought it was very difficult to open my heart and talk about myself – once I let go of my pride I opened up and I could talk to her about anything that was worrying me. Michelle made me feel important and loved and also to appreciate what I have. She helped me to understand the divine order in God’s eye as he loves us all. But the most important thing I got was I can only be responsible for myself. I now can show all my loved ones that I am doing OK – No, really great! I now love myself and my 2 beautiful children can see the difference in their Mum.

What price would you put on your experience with Michelle: Priceless

Describe your experience in one or two words: Appreciate Life

JD, Director, Family Business, NSW, Aust


It has helped me find and know the true me. Michelle has a wonderful way of bringing out the best in us. Michelle comes from the heart and so helps us to open our own hearts and live with absolute gratitude and appreciation for life. BW, Sunshine Coast, Australia

What price would you put on your experience with Michelle: $55,000.00

Describe your experience in one or two words: Enlightening

BW, Sunshine Coast, Qld, Aust


This experience was definitely very different from my other programs. It has made me a much lighter person and helped inspire me.

What price would you put on your experience with Michelle: $1 million

Describe your experience in one or two words: Inspiring

BK, Gold Coast, Qld, Aust


Before attending this program with Michelle and completing the quantum collapse process I never felt that I would ever be able to move forward & open my heart to what I would love to have - I now feel free reaching a place of unconditional love and gratitude to move forward with my life, along the path and continue the journey of what I'd love in my life.

What price would you put on your experience with Michelle: $100 million

Describe your experience in one or two words: Forward Journey

MS, Gold Coast, Qld, Aust


Life has been amazing since attending the program and I share the wisdom of these teachings with all I come in contact with. I am truly grateful, it’s just so beautiful, I certainly have my ups and downs, however I now can process things so quickly and see and understanding the purpose. Some very big dreams of mine are starting to come to fruition which are truly amazing - thank you for your commitment which led me to attend the program - it has changed my life...Thank you SO much.

NW, Business Management Consultant, Aust


Thank you for all the help you have given me these last 12 months. The way that I look at things is so different, to how it was before I met you. I can not thank you enough for the knowledge and care you have given me. From my heart - thank you.

KF, Aust


Before today I felt as if I was carrying a truck inside of me that I just couldn't seem to budge. But now, after experiencing what I have today I now feel as if the truck has been removed and I feel lighter within myself. Thank you Michelle for sharing with me this knowledge that I will forever treasure as my life journey continues on its path.

KE, Qld, Aust


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