Through Michelle's own life experiences and personal awakenings over her lifetime and studying of timeless wisdom, she has acknowledged the healing power of unconditional love and light, within everyone she is now consulting, teaching, inspiring and opening hearts.

Michelle's career embarked on a journey where she began practice in human movement initially in the fitness industry where her path then lead to the study of reiki and massage where in time this lead to her desire to learn and expand further to the correlation of the mind/body connection/interrelationship where she was then directed through synchronistic events to the study, service and commitment to becoming a qualified practitioner of Bowen Technique for several years where through further personal growth she has embarked and embraced  living, learning, loving & sharing the interrelationship of mind/body/spirit as it applies to universal laws and quantum consciousness.

A profound tool on how our thoughts, feelings, perceptions in effect, affect us in all 7 areas of our life. This extraordinary process is a foundation for life. Michelle acknowledges the 'Love & Light' of her family, extended family, all masterful teachers/mentors throughout her life as well as all her life experiences to this point as these are the true blessings, for without them, their purpose, in love and growth would never have been understood nor experienced as true Unconditional Love ‘as it is’ nor be the person she is today.



Our Centre is dedicated to the
Mission, Vision & Inspiration…
'To inspire people to grow from their heart's wisdom,
to heal body and mind with the power of love and grace, opening hearts worldwide'


May you follow the dream in your heart and build your stairway to the stars to bring higher learning, philosophy of healing and financial wisdom to all individuals. Michelle has worked with people from families, friends, associates, health & wellness arena, finance, athletes, designers, tradesmen, other educators/trainers with this innovative work either in consultation and/or exclusive programs.


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