Exploring A Revolutionary Approach That Is Transforming Human Potential and Achievement Universally

How does the Quantum Collapse Process assist with dissolving any kind of stress?
The Quantum Collapse Process is a breakthrough discovery designed for all people, all ages, all nationalities to transform any form or conflict or stress to discover the underlying order governing your apparent daily chaos into grateful states of love and vitality. It is an enlightening process, a reproducible science which dissolves your ‘emotional charges’ to bring balance of your mental and physical perceptions and reactions. It is impossible to go through the experience without being moved, challenged and changed.

Michelle has worked with people from families, friends, children, associates, health and wellness arena, finance, athletes, school students, designers, tradesmen, other educators/trainers with this innovative work either in consultation and/or exclusive programs. The process can be written and/or verbal and is considered the most revolutionary new approach to transforming physiology/human behaviour and awareness.

A shift in consciousness can be applied to absolutely anything so don't deny yourself this experience it will help you see yourself and everything around you in a different light.

  • Balancing Similarities & Differences - anything that challenges you
  • Tensions/Stressors - Any imbalances of highs and lows of any kind
  • Chaos, Personal Tragedies or Elations
  • Recurring Sabotaging Patterns
  • Addictions of any kind
  • Procrastination
  • Frustration
  • Phobias
  • Misunderstandings
  • Future Fears/Past Guilt
  • Accidents & Injuries
  • Cultural & Learning
  • Child/Baby Behavioural Patterns
  • Confusion
  • Environmental
  • Growth
  • Develop Successful Relationships
  • Self Worth/Communication

Love Is Just A ‘Collapse’ Away.

Whether you are momentarily experiencing extreme or mild degrees of stress you will discover how to build and enhance your life when you understand the importance of human psychology and balance the underlying source of your mental chaos to a centred solution which can now be accomplished in a matter of minutes or hours – the experience can assist you in maximising your human potential and live your most inspiring dreams.

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Stress can now be considered only a periodic adventure along a road to self-fulfilment.

Unconditional Love is not just a passion or positive emotion at all - it’s a complete merging of all emotions, positive and negative. Unconditional Love is the greatest force in existence. It has no boundaries, no limitations and no opposition. It is the Alpha and the Omega. It embraces everyone and everything equally. It is the supreme magical force within me and within you and within everyone and everything that exists. The law of self-mastery is yours. It does not take any distractions except your focus. You are the master!

Discover A New Way to Handle Stress
As human beings we experience many common events in our daily life that can initiate varying degrees of stress however in any case stress ultimately boils down to imbalanced muscular or physiological reactions resulting from neuro-hormonal responses arising from imbalanced sensory perceptions, ones generally accompanied by fear and guilt. When we unwisely exaggerate and minimise the daily pains and pleasures of life we experience hormone related anxiety, guilt-ridden stress and feel our lives are momentarily spinning out of control with chaos.

Before we look at a revolutionary new approach that dissolves the chaotic feeling associated with stress, let me first define what fear and guilt is. Fear arises when you assume that in the near of far future you are going to experience through your senses or imagination more pains than pleasures, more losses than gains or more negatives than positives more challenges than supports from yourself or others. As guilt arises when you assume that in the near or far past you caused through your active ‘motors’ or memory more pains than pleasures, more losses than gains or more negatives that positives more challenges than supports to yourself or others.

Since every event in life has both positive and negative balance anytime we misperceive such an imbalance we become stressed. Stress occurs when we are only looking at one half of an emotional equation and not the loving and ordered whole. The key to solving stress is returning our sensory misperceptions back to balance and wholeness.

So you may ask yourself … how do you realise you are stressed?

You know you are stressed any moment your mind is not present and certain and your heart is not grateful and loving. Since fear involves a future imagined state of mind-body and guilt involves a past-remembered state of mind-body, stress occurs when you’re distracted from the ‘present’, wavering with uncertainty, ungratefulness and a closed hearted. When you feel stressed your muscles become tensed, particularly those of the jaw, face, arms and hands and your breathing and speech becomes erratic - the result is a disordering of your thoughts and a polarizing of your mood.

In what areas of life does stress arise?
Stress is associated with fear and guilt which arises within any of the 7 areas of life. Spiritual Stress: the fear of loss of communication nor inspiration from your soul, or God (God can mean many things to many people – my interpretation of God is, Grand Organised Design (imponderable intelligence)

Mental Stress: the fear of loss of intelligence, imagination or memory
Vocational Stress: the fear of loss of success, clients, business
Financial Stress: the fear of loss of money or possessions
Familial Stress: the fear of loss of loved ones
Social Stress: the fear of loss of friends, or rejection and humiliation
Physical Stress: the fear of loss of wellness, or disfiguration, or death

Simply take a few moments now and complete your List of every stress in your life:

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List every ‘Stress/Challenge/Chaos/Distraction’ you have taking up space and time in your mind – this means ‘past/present/future’. Use a maximum or two or three words to describe each listed stress

Now complete the ‘Top 20’ Stressors/Challenges/Chaos/Distractions taking up space and time in your mind – this means ‘past/present/future’

The quality of your life is based upon the quality of the questions you ask yourself and the quality and quantity of actions you take for yourself. Once you have completed your list, the question is what would you like to clear in this list, what would it mean to you to clear this, and how soon would you like them done?

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‘The greatest discovery of our generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their perceptions of mind.’ – Father of Psychology, William James

Why not change your perception so that no matter what happens in your life, you receive an opportunity to grow. The Universe is making you great! It makes a difference in my perspective. It makes my life different. It can make yours different too. Pass the Torch, Tell a Friend.

Your ‘experience’ with Michelle speaks words to others, should you desire to complete a Testimonial, please visit our ‘Testimonials’ page and complete the fields.

In Love & Service - we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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